Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Forward progress on the new law!

Over the last few days, much progress has been made as we move forward in our goal of passing new legislation which seeks to address an inequity in holding drivers of automobiles more responsible for their very young passengers.

To date, only a $25.00 fine is imposed when a child is not secured in proper child safety seat, even following an accident where that child may be injured... or even killed!

Now,we have legislation that has been read on the floor of both houses of the Indiana Genral Assembly.

The Indiana House Bill is #1168 and can be found here:

House Bill #1168

The Indiana Senate Bill is #424 and can be found here:

Senate Bill #424

We now call on everyone involved, and even those who are not, to support this legislation as it moves forward in the process.  This new legislation will seek a measure of justice in cases where drivers fail to secure their youngest passengers in the proper child safety seats.
Remember, someday it may be your child or grandchild who is injured or killed and the driver of that vehicle must be held accountable for the safety of their passengers, especially our most innocent of passengers.

We only want that no parent or grandparent should experience the agony we have suffered due to injustice.

God bless each and every one of you!

James & Amanda Wallace

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank you...

Our daughter, Heavenlee's (step) mother and father (Dane) visited Heavenlee today and brought Heavenlee's brothers, Dorian & Jonathon along as well.

They are very pleased with Heavenlee's progress, which includes better breathing, motion in her arms and a quality of life that we thought she would never achieve.

We look forward to them visiting her on a regular basis and being a part of her new life.We hope someday to visit our beloved granddaughter as well. I understand that she now likes the Pink Panther. That's my girl!!!

For now, we thank the mother for her compassion and willingness to move forward in a positive way.

God bless everyone!

James & Amanda Wallace