Sunday, February 14, 2010

... and so it begins!

The process of achieving a measure of Justice for Heavenlee will be a long, slow process as is always the case when dealing with something as complex and difficult as this situation is. Nonetheless, we are most grateful to all who have joined up and expressed support for our cause.
Yesterday, I (James) attended a crackerbarrel session of the Indiana State Legislators for Vigo County in the basement of the Vigo County Public Library. Any concerns or fears I may have had going in were quickly dispelled and I found in our state legislators people of compassion and concern for our cause.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the newstory that appeared in Sunday's paper regarding my appearance:

Legislators hear plea for stricter car-seat law

I found Rep. Clyde Kersey and Senator Timothy Skinner to be kindred spirits and both expressed publicly and privately their commitment to working towards addressing the inequity in our state law that allowed for only a $25.00 fine when Heavenlee was not properly seated in a child safety seat.
Any concerns I may have had regarding Sen. Skinner's office not communicating with us were in error. The mistake was mine and was a direct result of my allowing emotion to rule in place of reason. I shall endeavour not to make that mistake again, though I can't guarantee it. Whenever I speak of Heavenlee, emotion has a way of overwhelming me.
We now await a meeting with our local county prosecutors in order to develop a cohesive and comprehensive document which will meet with approval from both of our local legislatures. We are also moving forward to resume our Full Moon Howls for Child Safety and will advise all when and where they will occur.

Now comes your part in this matter.

It's not enough to just join up and read about what we are doing. If you want to play a role in changing the law to better protect our children, then reach out to your family, friends, workplace and even complete strangers. Do it on Facebook, My Space, Linkedln, Squidoo, ect... Tell them of our plight, lead them to this website and encourage them to join up and spread the word. Doing so will not only increase public exposure locally for our cause, it will also draw the attention of the national media, including daytime syndicated talk shows. Imagine if Dr. Phil got involved how quickly we would see positive action. Appearance on those types of shows will convince the entire state general assembly of our desire to protect our children.

Remember what your grandparents used to say... "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

Thank you and God bless you all for your support, prayers, words of encouragement and your actions.

James & Amanda Wallace

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