Friday, February 19, 2010

The Most Recent Surgery Updates...

Last night, Heavenlee underwent 10 1/2 of surgery at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. Doctors fused the C1,C2 and C3 Cervical Vertebrae of her spine which had been crushed in the accident. This was done in order to relieve some of the pressure on her spinal cord and possible regain some nerve function in her lower body.
It will be some weeks before we know the results of this procedure. The one good thing about this procedure is that after a bit of healing time, perhaps 4-6 weeks, doctors will remove the Halo which is screwed into her skull at the moment. Having had screws in my skull (James) from my broken neck back in 1987, I can tell you it was no fun at all.
She also had the breathing tubes in her throat replaced with a tracheotomy tube, which will allow here to possible regain her ability to talk. Again, only time will tell if this will work.
Once again we ask each of you to spread the word through all of your social networking sites (FB, MySpace, Twitter, ect) and let the Indiana state legislators know that we are watching their actions as we move forward towards our eventual goal of a stricter law regarding parents/caregivers who do not use the correct child seats for their children and wind up injuring them as Heavenlee has been injured.

James & Amanda Wallace

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