Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Latest on Heavenlee's Condition

Our son-in-law returned from a visit with Heavenlee at Methodist Hospital where she now resides undergoing rehabilitation. He tells us that she is doing well for her current condition. The Trach tube, which replaced the breathing tube is doing well for her. She has become fairly comfortable with the new means of breathing.

In addition, a flap was installed which allows her to begin the process of relearning how to speak. I look forward to the day when her and I can sing "All You Need Is Love" once more.

We are told she can now eat ice cream. I know for a fact that she loves ice cream and so this is but one small step that can help to make her life a bit more tolerable.

There is some twitching of the nerves which control her arms and legs. We are told this is a good sign but only time will tell how much function she will regain.

Sadly, as mentioned before, we are not allowed to see her. This was not unexpected as the mother has sole custody at this point and refusing us permission to visit Heavenlee is the mother's only means of control. The one who suffers the most is Heavenlee, who we know from our conversations with her father misses us terribly. We miss her as well and pray for her daily.

It seems sad that someone would deny Heavenlee the Love and affection that we have for her. As we have stated before, we firmly believe that Love is a healing power and we hope that the mother would understand Heavenlee's need for as much Love as possible.
Time and justice will tell.

Per Ardua Ad Alta!

James & Amanda Wallace


  1. You know if you guys would just stop what you guys are doing.Then I would not mind letting her see you guys.But the fact is you guys will not stop. there will not be any joint custody of her because the DR already said that she wants heavenlee to live in one household and not two. so do you think the the court will order other wise.I do not think so and since Dane has not tooken the classes to take care of her like he was told to do.STOP CALLING ME THE BRITH-MOTHER I'M HEAVENLEES ONLY MOTHER JAMIE IS NOT HER MOTHER.Like I said before how is Dane going to take care of her when he does not have a job.How good is a father that full asleep when he is suppose to be looking after the kids.How safe doing you feel when he does that.

  2. Its not guilt,because I'm not guilting of anything my mom is not too. WE DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!That why the cops are not doing anything.I do not even feel guilting of anything that I have done for or to Heavenlee.I have token better care of HEAVENLEE then Dane has he would not even take her to the ER when she need to my mom and I had to take her everytime she need to and who is the one that buys her the stuff she need not you guys and not Dane, I do and my family does. My family help out a lot. so what do not you guy stop it. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I recently stumbled across this blog. While I really feel for both sides in this issue, I can't help but wonder about the ignorance of the people who have replied to this email, including the poor girl's mother. Cannot you see that the owners of this blog are not attacking you for your negligence, but only trying to make sure that things like these are prevented in the future? To the people who have replied negatively to the blog owners, do yourself a favor and take some basic English and Grammar courses.