Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All You Need Is Love!

I found myself in a situation yesterday that rarely ever occurs at my house.

I was home alone! For several hours in fact!

With 5 kids and 12 grandkids, it rarely happens that I find myself home alone and so I decided to spend my time in one of several ways.

Usually, I'll watch a movie on DVD or perhaps something on cable. Other times, I choose to listen to one of my many albums. Not CD's mind you, but real vinyl albums.

As I was looking through my DVD's for something to watch, I came across my favorite movie of all time: Yellow Submarine

I found myself looking at the cover and a memory returned to me from last summer.

My daughter had come by and dropped off Heavenlee for a few hours while she ran a few errands. She knew that I wanted to spend more time with Heavenlee and that day seemed like a fine day to accommodate my wishes.

Heavenlee and I spent some time in the kitchen making a batch of cookies (chocolate chip to be precise), then we sat down for a viewing of Yellow Submarine. She had not yet seen it and I was really looking forward to it. I always enjoy showing either my kids or now my grandkids this classic movie. The values of Love, peace, and tolerance reflect directly my own values of life.

Well, we sat there, drinking chocolate milk, eating chocolate chip cookies and having a wonderful time. Every time a song came up, we danced around like boneheads and sang along joyfully. When "All you need is Love" came up, Heavenlee ran around shouting "Love, Love, Love!"

All You Need Is Love!

It is my fondest memory of my time with her and seeing the movie case in front of me, I realized I hadn't watched it since last summer. I also realized that I wouldn't be able to watch it again until I could with Heavenlee.

There will come a day when her and I will sit there in front of the tv screen, singing and laughing about Love as we once did. I look forward to that time!

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