Monday, May 3, 2010

Almost Home...

Today, after much rehabilitation and preparation, Heavenlee was to have been transferred to her mother's home and begin her new life away from the hospital.

At the last minute, plans were changed and her homecoming was postponed. As we understand it, her temperature was elevated and doctors wanted her to be a bit more stable before entering into a new environment. Of course, we understand but it is disappointing as we had hoped she would be able to see her father a bit more often.

For those who may not understand the situation, Heavenlee is currently staying at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. That is 75 miles away and with the cost of gasoline and Dane & Jamie making barely enough to support themselves and their two other sons, Dane was only able to make the 150 mile round trip once a week. There are some who take issue with Dane not visiting more often but they do not consider the costs involved. In addition, Jamie, Heavenlee's (step) mother is not permitted to visit Heavenlee, which we know is causing Heavenlee confusion because she does not understand pettiness and spite.

Once Heavenlee is back closer to home, we hope the mother will understand Heavenlee's need to be surrounded by as much Love as is possible and allow her (step) mother to visit and shower her with Love. Perhaps we, as her grandparents, may visit her as well but given the birth mothers' attitude, Heavenlee will be denied our Love and affection. This will only exacerbate her condition... but what can we do?

We press forward with our legislative plans and hope for the best. God will provide and we trust in His Will.

James & Amanda Wallace

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