Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brick walls!!!

I've been spending the entire week, including last weekend working on this project for the Justice for Heavenlee!!! Cause and I keep running into brick walls of ignorance and stupidity.

I'm asking for something fairly simple and everyone I speak to, be it the city of Terre Haute or other organizations, they only care for their stupid rules and procedures.

When I point out to them that this event will support awareness of child safety issues, they only care to quote why they can't and never why they can.

When I mention that they must not care about children, suddenly they become very defensive but refuse to budge from their positions.

God help them if something like this should ever happen to one of their own. They might find out what empathy means.

Oh well, I'm exploring an option that may solve my issue and serve our purpose very well.

Updates to follow later this week.

God bless everyone...

James & Amanda

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