Thursday, June 17, 2010

Truth, Honor and Justice!

You may have noticed that we have not posted any updates for a month now. This was done on purpose to prove a point... And sadly, our point was proven all too well.

A month ago, we received communications from the mother stating that if we stopped posting on this blog, she would allow us to visit Heavenlee.

It was a bold statement and we decided to test her word of honor by refraining from posting for a month. That seemed to us to be a reasonable amount of time to us and so we waited...

No word from the mother... Not even a simple acknowledgment of our cessation of blog posts. And of course, no offer to allow us to visit our beloved granddaughter, Heavenlee Angel Johns.

So much for her integrity. Now we move on and move forward.

Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing a bold, very innovative public awareness campaign in support of child safety issues. Be sure to watch and wait for the announcement. When it comes, you will be amazed and pleased at our resourcefulness and unique method for making the public aware of our concerns and our efforts to update the legislation in order to protect our most innocent of victims.

Till then... Carpe Luna!!!

1 comment:

  1. I did not tell you that if you stop posting I would let you see Heavenlee. What I said that if you take everything that is about Heavenlee down I might let yu see her but, you did not do that.Like her picture,her name,her story and other thing off every site then I might let you see her. Until then you ill not get to see her. so I did not lie you just did not do everything that I said to do. So no I will not let you see her not even when she home. She does not tell me that she miss you guys. So I'm not hurting by doing this.