Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumnal Patience is a Virtue!

It's been several months now since the Full Moon Howl that broke the world record and brought more awareness to our cause: Justice for Heavenlee!!!

Since then, we have had to remind ourselves that patience is a virtue. This was something our parents taught us but, as kids, we had no concept of. What kid knows of patience???

Anyway, since July, there has been little to report on as our legislators; Senator Tim Skinner and representative Clyde Kersey have been out of session and involved in local things.

It seems that Indiana has a part-time General Assembly, which means that they meet only about 6 months out of the year and summer was not a time of meeting.

We had little communications from either office and was beginning to get concerned but, following a conversation with both Senator Skinner and the office of Representative Clyde Kersey, we now feel more confident that things will begin to take shape as we work towards our goal of drafting new legislation insuring that drivers are held accountable for their inaction regarding child safety seats in automobiles.

Next month, we will meet with both legislators to begin outling our goals and desires. Hopefully, the reality of legislation and the ideals of grieving grandparents can come to terms and find common ground, thus insuring a measure of Justice for Heavenlee!!!

In a few days, we will offer an update, of sorts, regarding our beloved granddaughter, Heavenlee Angel Johns and her current state of living.

Till then...

God bless each and everyone of you reading this.

James & Amanda Wallace

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