Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Children's Lives Are Still At Risk!

So Representative Soliday, I’ll bet you thought I went away, didn’t you? Sadly, your lack of action demands I return to the fray and point out what a coward you are.

I thought I should re-examine your last email and sort through the nonsense for something a little less nonsensical regarding your refusal to even consider HB1095 and its ramifications. The following is another example of your odd perspective regarding the lives of children.
“Because HB 1095 changes the sentencing of this type of offense, it would be inconsistent to pass a bill of this nature.”
How does drafting legislation that serves to strengthen and upgrade sentencing when children’s lives are injured or even killed through neglect in an automobile constitute “inconsistent”?
Does that not disturb you as much as it disturbs me?
Your failure to act on behalf of HB1095 and give it a fair hearing calls into question your integrity and service to Indiana, in my own opinion, not that it matters much to you…

Per Ardua Ad Alta!

James C. Wallace II

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