Saturday, January 5, 2013

SB 213 Is Now Online!

As previously mentioned, our resolve to push this issue forward had greatly increased with the passing of our beloved granddaughter, Heavenleee Angel Skie Johns.

As a result, Senate Bill 213 will now entered into the records of the 2013 Indiana General Assembly Session.

Here is the link for SB 213.

In the ensuing months, I'll be pushing hard for this bill to make through committee and onto the floor of the Indiana Senate and the House for a vote.

When the time comes, I'll be asking for your support by contacting various legislators and letting them know that people who fail to adequately secure children in a proper car safety seat, resulting in serious injury or even death in an accident deserve more than a $25.00 fine.

As the law now stands, someone can kill their own child by using only a lap belt, crashing their car and Indiana will only charge them 25 bucks for their effort. What kinda world is this???

That will change!

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