Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shame on you, Representative Ed Soliday!

Shame on you, Representative Ed Soliday of Valparaiso, Indiana! I call you out for failing your constituents and the safety of their children and grandchildren!

3 years in a row now, we have approached the Indiana General Assembly with proposed bills providing for stiffer penalties when children are injured or killed when not properly secured in a required child safety seat within the automobile. Currently, the penalty stands at $25.00… for the life of a child! Does that not bother you?

HB1095 awaits assignment to committee hearings in the Roads & Transportation Committee for the third year in a row and by way of conversation with your staff and your email response, it is clear that HB1095 will not be considered once again. Despite the double-speak and nonsense of most of your response, I was able to glean a single sentence that, quite frankly, frightens me!

“I t does not seem to be the appropriate year for this type of legislation because we are looking at broad based reform.”

I’m curious about something and perhaps you might man up and answer, though I have my doubts.

When this bill came around in 2011, why wasn’t that the year to consider legislation that would hold drivers of automobiles accountable for children in their care to insure those innocent children are properly secured in the correct child safety seat and avoid injury or even death in the event of an accident?

How about last year (2012)? Why wasn’t that year appropriate for even considering the safety and security of our children… you know, the ones who are children of the people that voted for you?

Why not 2013, especially if our children and grandchildren mean so much to us?

What if it were your child or grandchild who suffered because they were injured or killed and the driver responsible was only charged $25.00? Hmm?

If it were your family, I’m certain you’d be all over it… but then again, your children are far more important than your fellow Hoosiers, aren’t they?

James C. Wallace II

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