Friday, January 25, 2013

How does Rep. Soliday and Sen. Young sleep at night?

Despite efforts we have made to encourage legislators to take a look at our efforts to protect children from neglect in automobiles, we have been met with silence and ignorance!

Apparently, our lawmakers here in Indiana have some strange agenda which precludes protecting chidren lives. In particular, we're speaking of Rep. Ed Soliday and Sen. R. Michael Young, both of whom have the power to assign our bills into committee hearings, yet refuse to do so.

In case you're wondering what we are talking about, here are the links to the two bills we are supporting, niether of which has even made it into committe hearings, despite 3 years of trying.



It makes one wonder what Rep. Ed Soliday and Sen. R. Michael Young have against children? Would they prefer that people who fail to secure children in the proper child safety seat, then injure or kill those very children in a car crash are only charged $25.00 for the crime? As it stands now, that's how Indiana law treats neglect within the automobile.

Perhaps if it were their own child, or even grandchild, they might be more inclined to act on behalf of protecting children. Since it is not their own families, they have choosen to ignore our efforts and continue to place the lives of Hoosier children in peril.

How do they sleep at night?

James C. Wallace II

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